Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners

This is not just for beginners, its also for advanced guitarists. You can find all the latest guitar products and services right here.


Here are the top 10 electric guitar facts.

1. The first electrically amplified guitar was invented by George Beauchamp in 1931.

2. Gibson Les Paul is names after early guitar experimenter and musician Les Paul.

3. No electric crosses or interferes with the instrument itself.

4. An electric guitar utilizes electromagnetic to convert vibrations of its metal strings into electric signals.

5. No other musical instrument has encountered as much impact on how music has evolved since the beginning of the twentieth century than the electric guitar.

6. This instrument is capable of producing numerous styles of music such as jazz, rock, blues, Funk, soul, metal all from just 6 six strings.

7. The main material is solid wood.

8. There are many versions of the electric guitar, such as 7, 8 and 9 and 12 stringed guitars, double necked guitars, and even a five-necked guitar.

9. These instruments also use tremolo arms which can be fixed and removed easily which is used to change the pitch of the strings.

10. Jimi Hendrix is the most famous guitarist as he experimented with its sound in many different ways. He made it talk through its sound and methods of played it to its potential. Jimi Hendrix played a Fender Stratocaster.

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